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Help us let the city know that they need to fix on the streets.  Cracks and bumps on the streets in our neighborhoods need to be fixed and it just takes too long to get them repaired.  By rolling over these problems everyday, this just puts more wear and tear on our vehicles as well as causing possible accidents.  By paying taxes, this makes many frustrated that the city isn't using the money for the right projects!  Our website has been created to allow any person within their community to post a problem that has to be fixed, whether its on a street in a neighborhood or at an intersection. 
Let us know the problem and we'll place signs at that spot to speed up the progress of getting it repaired.  Let the City know to use their money for the right projects and take care of what our tax money is paying for!
Safest Cities                                 Most Dangerous Cities
Detroit, Michigan
St. Louis, Missouri
Flint, Michigan
Oakland, California
Camden, New Jersey
Birmingham, Alabama
North Charleston, South Carolina
Memphis, Tennessee
Richmond, California
Cleveland, Ohio
Mission Viejo, California
Clarkstown, New York
Brick, New Jersey
Amherst, New York
Sugar Land, Texas
Colonie, New York
Thousand Oaks, California
Newton, Massachusetts
Toms River, New Jersey
Lake Forest, California